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The shadows of my thought
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Where the shadows begin the sorrow does reside, While in the light it's filth and disgust your beside... As I walk amongst the darkness the more I realize, the more I can see, This is what with the ignorance in light can never, will never be.

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Tic toc tic toc, haha. Interesting that so many people knew, so many people thought they knew me, perhaps I thought I knew myself, or thought I knew them. Nah, this is a social site meaning people are always associates, even friendship is a hollow charade for the sake of social interactions which ends quickly and is then forgotten unless there was a particularly close bond.

Quite ironically I decided to come back here, not too sure why nor why not, but it turns out tomorrow is only the second anniversary of my coming to NG. I have to say it, just what the fuck kind of time distortion happened? I remember the first year going by rather quickly, the feeling of being committed to this site for a year, but since then I had though much more time had passed, yet has it truly been only two years. And to think how many people shall remember me if I comment them, how many will check this unheeding of my contact. The number of people I've kept in contact with was pitiful even at first, only a handful, now all of one via fragmented distant and infrequent emails.

I can't blame anyone, I can't expect even half of the people I knew to still be on or active, I was expecting Duiliath to die off completely but I'm too sentimental, clinging to my past and memories more than the present, reminiscing on the euphoric tribalistic emotions from my peak of dare I call it popularity in such an unruly circumstance online.

Well now this shall be an interesting retry of an interesting experiment. Though I have changed greatly in even this short time, though I'm certain I've said such things before and shall say it again in the future whilst looking back at my naivete.
To all those with subjective opinions, intellectual discourse shall reign for all who desire argument, and information shall be the response to questions. May this account serve some purpose if any for intellectual advancement.


On physical existence.
For the hell of it I might as well crush your sense of reality for a bit who ever you all" is referring to.

At any giving time you are made up of completely new atoms from when you were born.
Matter moves and is reused. The primordial elements formed during the nucleosynthesis era such as hydrogen, helium, lithium, deuterium, oxygen and few others formed the first stars by gathering into clusters, eventually the gravity caused such force as to ignite and combust. Eventually these stars expended the fuel and collapsed into themselves and exploded into supernovae. This cause fusion of elements into heavier elements like gold, lead, etc. these same atoms formed stars and planets and underwent the same process. During the third generation of stars this solar system formed.

All of the first forms of life either died out or reproduced, leading up to everything living on this planet now, including us. Yet we, like most animals and plants and life in general, grow and regenerate. We regenerate every kind of cell we have save for brain cells. This means that by the time you die you will have none of your original cells save for your brain which will have less than originally. You are the same as a duplicate of what was once you with their brain. Though even this isn't correct because atom by atom the brain cells are replaced in parts, never regenerated from scratch, but eventually the same brain cell will be made of different atoms. As will all of your brain and all of you.

So if you are a mere copy, a continued system for categorizing atoms in a specific order, regardless of which atoms as long as they're the same element. how could you claim to be anyone? Your memories aren't yours, they belonged to the previous system, or the one before that, or the one before that. After the system breaks down so that the atoms can't act in a possible way you are considered dead, and when those atoms leave none replace them. This is decomposition yet we undergo it constantly. And when we do those atoms are used in other systems, such as life, or as stars, or as molecules. In short you come from stars and are merely borrowing atoms before they are returned and become other stars.

Just think about it, with every mouthful of air you breath you are inhaling atoms that went through innumerable people's and animals' digestive tracks. Same goes for every cup of water you drink. It's also likely that many of the atoms in the food you eat were once that which made up human flesh.

Who were you again; Don't remember me either do you?